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Gallery at The Werkshack | December 7, 2018

In her series, Continuity, Shannon explores the parallels of an evolving environment with the growth cycles she observes both personally and in nature. Drawing inspiration from these cycles, her work begins to unveil questions of permanence coupled with a curious relationship with the unknown. A raw sense of regeneration and harmony can be distilled from her detailed compositions. Feminine figures often take the viewer head on, inviting human connection in a carefully crafted moment of reflection.


With nearly 20 years of experience in painting and drawing countless hours of experimentation, Shannon has married the technical nature of drawing and painting with the limitless freedom of pyrography [wood burning]. With new materials and methods, she combines her appreciation for detail with a desire to let the material lead. 


Shannon received her BFA in Communication Arts [Illustration] and a Master in Product Innovation from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2016. She then decided to make the move out west, finding home in Oakland, CA., and now resides in San Diego, where she continues to persue her creative practices. 


Along with her pyrography work, Shannon also paints murals. Having spent time in Brazil to study the vibrant street art scene, she claims this experience has also had a huge impact on her techniques, style and appreciation for art and culture.

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